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He'd rather stay in Iraq doing risky business deals.

Yet Dunham compels him to join her cause, and before long he's joining her on foot in pursuit of a suspect.

The result is a tense series debut that comes off almost as a self-contained two-hour TV movie, tantalizing in what it leaves unsaid and yet to be addressed.

Like "Lost," "Fringe" begins with disaster in the air, as a man on a transatlantic flight triggers a catastrophic outbreak of some unknown virulent disease.

Dunham's efforts to determine the active agent - and undo the disease in her lover - lead her to Walter Bishop, an institutionalized old master of the "fringe sciences" (read "paranormal phenomena," a la "The X-Files") who as played by John Noble comes off as a hyper-self-absorbed, if well-intentioned Unabomber. Bishop, however, Dunham needs a family contact, which leads her to Peter Bishop, played by former "Dawson's Creek" humble hunk, Joshua Jackson.

How much does he want to visit his crackpot old man?

32's My Fox is adding a local Internet dating feature to its site, beginning Sept. Fox stations in Phoenix, Detroit and Orlando have similar efforts on their sites, with the Phoenix version, launched last year, reported to showcase more than 20,000 profiles."She only gives me an hour, an hour a month," he said with a laugh.One fan, obviously, is Melman."I've always liked him. "I'm not going to tell you I'm any expert on Web shows or the Internet or anything like that. You can get me on your i Pod."For North, it is something of a gamble in that if he doesn't draw a crowd, it won't improve his negotiating stance.Out of sight and out of mind diminishes one's value in the marketplace, the theory goes. This is going to change the way contracts are written up."While off the air, North has launched a sports handicapping site, Dont Fade, and said he is working with a ghost writer on an autobiography.WSCR boss Paul Agase said it is policy not to discuss contractual matters, but North maintains there is no language concerning the Internet. But talking about sports is his meat and potatoes, which is why he brought his idea for "circumventing the covenants of radio" to Melman, who knows from meat and potatoes."I've sort of learned I'm good at the restaurant business, and I don't know a lot about other businesses," Melman said.

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