Yahoo dating scammers

The country’s extreme poverty pushes the scammers to find new victims without concern for the morality of their actions.To them, getting out of poverty is far more important than thinking about their victims.In return the victims are promised love, and they’re given empty promises about getting their money back when the scammer’s situation allows for it. Yahoo Boys can make tens of thousands of dollars a month depending on how many scams they’re running at a time, which is why they cast a wide net to see how many victims they can find.They’ll take small amounts and large amounts; at the end of the day, every little bit is welcome.

If the victim agrees, suddenly the requests start shifting toward more money and a greater sense of urgency.

It doesn’t matter if you send or 00, the romance scammers known as Yahoo Boys will take whatever you are willing to send, and they’ll keep asking for more.

Part of the scam relies on finding kindhearted victims who are willing to drain bank accounts, take out loans or even sell their houses to provide for their victims.

If you truly believe that you’ve met a real person, then ask to meet or run a quick background check.

If they refuse, you know there’s something suspicious going on. The Yahoo Boys are only successful because their victims never question them.

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