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And then suddenly, the number of people in the fandom had ballooned dramatically.

Other fans contested the idea that more BNFs would have resulted in less wank, but one thing these meta discussions show is that Bandom was thought of as a single coherent fandom, which was not true before damnyouwentz.

In 2005, slashatthedisco (for PATD) and midnight-party (for FOB) were created.

As fannish excitement about the bands grew, adult fans created several smaller communities, often friendslocked and with moderated membership to keep out badfic and teenagers who frequented the general fic comms.

Fueled By Ramen (FBR) is a record label, founded by John Janick and Vinnie Fiorello (drummer of Less Than Jake) in 1996 and based out of Florida, to which Fall Out Boy is signed; FBR is sometimes referred as Fall Out Boy's indie label as they are also under contract with Island Records.

When Pete Wentz (bassist of Fall Out Boy) founded Decaydance Records in 2005, it was an imprint label under Fueled By Ramen - any acts signed to Decaydance Records were also signed to Fueled By Ramen, i.e.

Initially there was, but when bandom grew so quickly almost overnight, a lot of the early fic writers stepped back/away for various reasons.

In this context, the term is a portmanteau of bandslash and fandom, though it is understood differently in other fan communities. The term's first use is hard to pinpoint, but it first became popular in early 2007 when a new wave of fans became interested in the bands and their surrounding fandom.

The bands that make up Bandom are all interlinking, usually having developed a relationship through touring together, being on the same record label (specifically Fueled by Ramen/Decaydance), or having band members who were previously in other band together.

patrickxpeter, possibly the first Fall Out Boy slash comm, was also created in July 2004.

A few months later, the band-specific comm mychemicalslash was created.

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Not to mention the live canon and the RPS thing and the four hundred meta issues that I've never seen mentioned in any fandom before.

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