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In 19 Jacobs (as Doomsday) also wrestled in the World Wrestling Council (WWC) in Puerto Rico feuding with Invader #1.

In August 1995, Jacobs (as Unabomb) lost to World Wrestling Federation (WWF) wrestler The Undertaker at a SMW show.

Jacobs also worked for Pro Wrestling Fujiwara Gumi under his real name.

In 1993, Jacobs (as Bruiser Mastino) lost his only match for World Championship Wrestling (WCW) to Sting.

Jacobs competed in his first World Wrestling Federation (WWF) bout as Mike Unabomb at the February 20, 1995 Raw taping, defeating Reno Riggins in a dark match.

He wrestled intermittently as Unabomb through August.

In professional wrestling, Jacobs is signed to WWE, where he is known by his ring name Kane.

Kane holds the record for cumulative Royal Rumble match eliminations at 44.

He has continued to headline PPV cards through 2018, and has appeared in more of such events than any other performer in WWF/WWE history.

Within WWE, Kane is a three-time world champion (having held the WWF Championship, ECW Championship and World Heavyweight Championship once each) and a 12-time world tag team champion (having held the World Tag Team Championship, WCW Tag Team Championship and WWE Tag Team Championships with various partners).

When Undertaker continually refused to once again align with Bearer, Bearer began tormenting him by telling him that his long-lost brother, Kane (later revealed as Bearer's illegitimate son and the Undertaker's half-brother), was coming to the WWF to challenge him.

In the ensuing months, Bearer implied that The Undertaker had murdered his family by starting a fire at their funeral home, with the exception of Kane, who was left physically and mentally scarred by the event.

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