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Animal science plays a central role in guiding these practices, but does not always provide clear direction. Antibiotics in Agriculture Antibiotics are used in farm animals to treat, control and prevent disease and to promote growth. Many antibiotics used in animals are also used in human medicine, and are categorized by the World Health Organization as “medically-important antimicrobials .” Antibiotics are a critical and scarce resource and their misuse may lead to antibiotic-resistance in bacteria, making human and animal disease more difficult to treat. Responsible use begins with the adoption and implementation of judicious use principles, such as those developed by the American Veterinary Medical Association. Food and Drug Administration’s Voluntary Guidance for Industry #209 (Judicious Use of Medically Important Antimicrobial Drugs) in their own operations and in their industry producer programs, including elimination of growth promotion uses of medically-important antibiotics.4.Increasingly, animal welfare decisions are being considered through a combination of science and ethics. In the United States, antibiotics must be approved as safe and effective by the U. According to the World Health Organization, Antibiotic resistance is a serious and growing threat to global public health . Judicious use includes disease prevention strategies, appropriate veterinary oversight, accurate record-keeping and careful review before antibiotics are used. Limit medical antibiotic use to ill or at-risk animals.3. Eliminate growth promotion uses of all antibiotics California B & P Code #22435 prohibits the unauthorized possession or removal of shopping carts from WALMART Stores and Sam’s Club premises.As a result, in addition to our current programs, Walmart and Sam’s Club are launching a new tracking and audit program for our fresh pork supply.Every fresh pork supplier will be required to meet the new program requirements.

There is growing public interest in how food is produced and consumers have questions about whether current practices match their values and expectations about the well-being of farm animals. We believe that farm animals in our supply chain should be treated humanely throughout their lives and that the welfare of farm animals should be considered in selection of all production systems, practices and technologies. What we’re asking of our suppliers We’re asking Walmart U. We do this while working to offer quality products, everyday low prices and putting customers in charge of their food choices by helping provide clear, accurate information about food ingredients and production. We recognize that antibiotics are one of many critical tools used to keep animals healthy and that they should be used responsibly to preserve the effectiveness of antibiotics in human and veterinary medicine.

What we’re asking of our suppliers We’re asking Walmart U. Adopt and implement American Veterinary Medical Association Judicious Use Principles of Antimicrobials in their own operations and in their industry producer programs, including but not limited to: a. We also engaged third party firms with specialized experience in various aspects of conflict minerals to assist Walmart in the development and implementation of our program, which includes due diligence activities consistent with the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Guidelines.

Walmart understands that awareness and cooperation among its supply chain participants is essential to any responsible sourcing initiative.

Walmart and Sam’s Club will continue to only accept fresh pork from animals raised under the standards of the National Pork Board’s (NPB’s) Pork Quality Assurance (PQA) Plus Program.

Specific new tracking and audit requirements include: At Walmart and Sam’s Club we value our relationships with US pork producers who are dedicated to providing the highest in quality and safety through practices that promote animal well-being.

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Our goal is to build more transparency and confidence in the fresh pork supply chain and in the pork industry overall through the above program.

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