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At this same time I also give the thread a name (it is good to name threads to keep track of them and what they are doing) and lastly we start the thread.Now C# is going to create another thread, call the delegate which points to our main funciton Read File(), and start executing that alongside our main thread.Load 'create two progress bars Dim Progress Bar1 As Progress Bar Dim Progress Bar2 As Progress Bar Progress Bar1 = New Progress Bar() Progress Bar2 = New Progress Bar() 'set position Progress Bar1. Location = New Point(10, 50) 'set values Progress Bar1. Hi, I have some code that runs a long function and therefore I need a progress bar to show that something is actually going on. Value = Round((Rec Number / Max Size) * 100) but the last line returns an error: Property is write-only... Also, in you can throw application.doevents to make the screen update, is there a similar function in Access or do I not even need it?Now since these two threads are now independent of each other, they create their own variables and functions local to them. So our progress bar that we wanted to update is back in the main thread and our new worker thread has no access to it…. So we need a mechanism to share the progressbar control with the worker thread. We create a delegate which points to a function on the main thread.This delegate we called “updatebar” and it points to “Update Progress”.So in the code (which is not the code behind the progress bar form) I have this: Forms! Caption = "Updating weekly demand rows - " & Rec Number & "/" & Max Size Forms! tnx ~j Cannot tell you why that field would be read only, I generally use labels and update the Caption property rather than setting the value of a textbox (is PB a textbox)?

These threads are often referred to as “worker threads” and they can be setup to run functions and code in parallel with your main thread. A delegate can be thought of as a pointer to a function.

How do we process the file on a separate thread while updating the progress bar for the user and allowing them to work with the interface? All you need is a worker thread, a progressbar, and a processing function. Forms; // Namespaces to read files (IO) and to handle threads (Threading) using System. This will trigger our btn Start_Click event and in there we do a few things.

We cover these topics on this entry of the Programming Underground! You try to code your program due at 4pm and it is taking forever to process this simple text file. If only you had thrown in that progress bar so you can get an idea how much longer it will take! The program below is pretty simple if you follow the line of execution here, which splits into two threads. This is where you always start out in the program and this is where your forms and controls live. When this thread reaches the end, so does your program. First we create an instance of a delegate called Thread Start.

If our progress bar has 100 ticks, we divide the file length by 100.

So each time we process past the milestone, we update the progress bar.

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