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I lent it to a friend called Bruce Anstey many years ago to do a couple of quiet laps round Manfeild, and it died on him.The builder had wired an internal oil pipe on and while he'd warned me to check it, it was the thinnest, most overwound lockwire I've ever seen and it failed almost immediately.I thought all VTR1000Rs were RC51's but evidently that's the race model put out in the US, so mine is known here as simply an SP1.Which, to make things worse, is a VTR1000SPY in Honda circles, with the VTR1000SP1 being the SP2, go figure.

Time to remove the gears and properly plastigauge the clearance I think. Not a happy chappie, I now have to source some rods (my friend Dale just offered me a set the same day at a very good price, thank god) and rebuild the motor again. The second is that I bought a set of brand new factory fresh RC30 titanium conrods from a place in the UK for 60 quid each!!!

I had bottom tapped all the holes, and the torque wrench was good. So it's hanging in the frame and I'm trying to work out how the wiring goes, and get my Moriwaki pipe and radiators back off a friend. The good news is that after all these months while the poor bugger was waiting for me to assemble the RC30 (haahaahahahaaaa) we agreed a price and I bought the RC51 outright, so now have both bikes.

Thank god, I couldn't go through with losing the RC30. Although if I really cared about it, I'd finish it. Biggest problem is a project car (huge Falcon) stuffed in a single garage with the bike down the side of it. But the flat is designed so that if I push the car out I cover the landlord's garage door. I swear, useless as I am, that if I get a decent garage and some space I'll finish it all. It rocks, I'd never used it before but it's full of RC51 parts and I've bought lots of them, all on their way.

The damage to the bore is severe, although the pitting in the top ring land of the number 4 piston's thrust face is insignificant.

I took the crankcase upper to the reconditioner, and he's looking into a sleeve for me as it will take quite a lot of overboring to clean this up, possibly more than the 0.20mm/0.40mm afforded by oversized pistons.

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