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Most computer systems include a system configuration manager program that handles the basic start up and initialization of the computer system.In some computer systems the basic start up and initialization program or system configuration manager is referred to as the basic input-output system (BIOS).This process is collectively known as Power-on Self Test (POST).After system devices have been properly initialized the BIOS loads a boot-loader program.In another embodiment, computer system 101 may include multiple processors. In an embodiment with multiple processors, each processor may be located on or attached to the same mainboard or on separate mainboards.CPU 103 may be in communication with a memory hub 105 or similar device.Specifically, embodiments relate to remotely changing the system configuration and updating the system configuration utilizing a bus master device. Background A computer system includes multiple devices that are necessary for its functioning.These devices must each be started or initialized when the system is powered on or restarted.

In another embodiment, memory hub 105 and I/O hub 111 may be a single device.

In one embodiment, storage device 125 is a non-volatile storage device such as a fixed disk, physical drive, optical drive, magnetic drive or similar device.

Storage device 125 may be used to store application data, operating system data and similar system data.

A graphics card or graphics processor 107 may be connected to a display device 123.

In one embodiment, display device 123 may be a cathode ray tube (CRT) device, liquid crystal display (LCD), plasma device or similar display device.

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In one embodiment, memory hub 105 may be in communication with an I/O hub 111.

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