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This article assumes you have already: If you've used an App Icon set in the past to set your app's icon, it might be a good idea to move the files into a new folder, and remove the files from the icon set.

Instead of using an App Icon set, you will need to update your info.plist file with the appropriate filenames for both the primary icon and the alternate icons (see below).

Before doing that, you must have your icon files in a group in your project's directory. For our example, we have all of our icons in a group creatively named You must declare your app's primary and alternate icons using the CFBundle​Icons key of your app's Info.plist file.

To create a new group, right click your project folder, and select New Group. For information about how to configure alternate icons for your app, see the description of the CFBundle​Icons key in Information Property List Key Reference.

I saw a suggestion somewhere that resetting the phone may work, but my question in that scenario is what exactly to reset and whether this would compromise other data. A simple way of doing this is to suffix the existing icon URL with a dummy parameter. To do so with Real Favicon Generator, generate your icons again.

This time, make sure to open the Version/Refresh tab in the Favicon Generator Options panel, and select the second option, as below: Note: You might want to edit manually the code already created by Real Favicon Generator and append the version yourself. For example, if you put your icons in your root folder, some HTML lines were not generated (because of conventions RFG is taking advantage of).

If I clear the image cache from the app I usually get a different set of incorrect icons. but even clearing the icon cache is not changing anything for me. the location service icons should also show as OFF as for the local connection.

This is definitely not something you can guess at first sight.In our latest SDK (2.0.0), we've added the ability to change a user's app icon as an In-App Message Action.You can now send an in-app message to your users to change the app icon on their device.Rather than having to resubmit your app to the App Store for each change, you can now add alternate icons ahead of time, and switch between them using your code.However, per Apple's design docs, this change must be displayed and acknowledged by the user.

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Hi, i noticed recently that the icons in the Android App are not reflecting the actual state of the item, meaning if a light switch is OFF(item state also OFF) the bulb icon is still showing as ON. however this seems only to happen if i’m connected to the remote link, local is fine.

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