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The broadcaster is showing faith in the remake of the British entertainment format, which is hosted by Arielle Vandenberg.

Viewers watch as romances blossom (it's a real-time viewing experience, with the show airing five nights a week), and then vote which couples should be eliminated. Since they're always hooked up to a microphone, you get to hear every juicy bit of gossip as it goes down. The islanders (as they're called) are all in tip-top shape. They're also in bikinis and swim trunks for most of the show. Instead, they are given phones that ping with dates, fun challenges and messages about coupling ceremonies. You might think that's what it would come down to, but actually YOU get a say! The couples all sleep together in a massive room full of beds. The cast will spend all their time at a breathtaking villa in Fiji. So while they may not be romantically interested in each other, contestants who want to stay in the villa and will do whatever it takes to hang in there including coupling up with someone they don't like. That means they can't text, tweet, use Instagram, or even call their mom.The series is based on a format owned by ITV Studios and Motion Content Group, and distributed by ITV Studios Global Entertainment.“The passion of audience is incredible,” said Kahl.

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