Telling your kids about dating after divorce

I've been divorced 12 years and I'm still a single mother.I made a decision very early on not to have a man parade going in and out of the house in front of my kids. I'm 46 now and I often think it would have been nice to be remarried and have a husband by now, but let's face it... When I do, my kids will be happier for me than anyone.

When and if something becomes really really really serious with a guy, like after a two or three years, and you know you guys are going to get married, you can start introducing him then.Or do they always hate it, and do you just have to make them deal with it ? Dear L., My kids were 11 and 1 when I left my abusive husband.The only thing worse than being married to him was trying to get away.The last thing the children need is several people popping in and out of their lives.I've seen children resent their parents and hate ALL potential partners.

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