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I personal am a pet player for over 5 years and purchased gold from them..today i would never do it again as they offer no support.me at my profile is not working while on my other pet profile its working..I am writing and opening tickets for that bug and they do answer with the same answer: John (Tagged) Sep 9, PM Our engineers are currently working to fix it. John Tagged Customer Experience But nothing happens, tagged is just a big scam and i see more and more people there are not active any more for over 3 months. Funny pictures of a sweet cat are being removed as a comment while porn is allowed..I'm still waiting for any real genuine black women like me in UK area. Also, I found out that some other women experienced similar abuse coming from Jesse M. scam accounts are everywhere and as soon as you speak to one, they want your email and/or phone number. i never seen more prositutes in my life and i'm sick of it. this is techncally 2 sites in one ..virtually mirror image site is sites have virtually all the same members its full of scammers and fakes..i report numerous scammers , numerous times and they might delete a couple but it takes numerous times to even get one deleted Been on tagged few years then I got a Cyber stalker he stole my photos and made fake accounts informed tagged they did nothing then the cyber stalker hack more accounts and my laptop informed tagged again and What did they do suspend my account and keep the cyber stalker there having sent tagged a photo and my email and the date they still did nothing This is the worst site. 95% of the profiles on are comprised of fake profiles by people in Nigeria and Ghana trying to scam people into sending them money.*Updated* 17th March 2019 I can't login Tagged anymore I bet many hacker & scammer & some people think I fake, someone reported me for no reason, I'm real person not fake profile. soon as they get it, they try to get you to meet up with them for sex but you need a credit card to prove to them you are safe to meet. gay dudes will stalk you to the point where you have to block them. If you are a sincere pet player you will be scammed in many ways.. They crack the password and log on to your account convert your gold and gift all the cash to their accounts. The site is filled with prostitutes, scams, drug dealers,pedofiles and hackers. It's very easy to figure them out with a few easy screening questions.I from Holland i had a relationship with this guy Didi his name is we slept together many times in space of 7 days i thought he was homosexual wow Beware everybody it looks like!!!!I have same pictures " data-username="Sammy  B." data-message-link="" data-message-title="Send a message to Sammy B." data-details="Photo uploaded on 5/10/19" data-photo-url="/reviews/tagged.com#photo_109473" data-browse-link="/photos/tagged.com" data-browse-text="Browse all Tagged photos" Had been taking to dude meet on Tagged for 3yrs we video called for 3 yrs talked everyday he sent me pictures of his boy child i even spoke to his child many times we made plans, Had opportunity to go he pay 4 have my trip even Didi or Jayden took me around Amsterdam 24hs only i slept with him seemed natural stayed the night he said he had to go gym next day he left realised he stolen all my money, tablet and 1phone Never saw him again came back home went to sexual health clinic found out i had STD only been in 1 relationship married for 10 yrs divorce 4 3 never been with anyboy else what a fool i was now im paying the price i cant have children i know it was him who gave me STD BEWARE!!

Ever since places like backpage and craiglist closed its now overrun by girls who trying to sell their p***y.

This is your winning number: #65-33-41 you are advice to quickly contact TAGGED customer care via "[email protected]" I complain yet they still appear Met a dude from Illinois he cheated on me and seems to only like going after women who are in their early 20s and he is 43 going on 44.

His name is Jeremy he is from Zion Illinois, when you see his picture he is a white dude, has short gray hair, glasses and is wearing a blue shirt.


Don't bother to go on it ain't nothing but a bunch of fake ass dudes and I had a bunch of dudes hit me up from Africa and Jamaica I was wondering why but then I read the other review these fools want money nope I don't think so.

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