Strip cam to cam with no credit card

When reporting fraud and filing a dispute, the bank will ask you to fill out an affidavit — a signed statement that verifies you as the authorizer in the investigation process.

It’s important to determine whether it’s your debit or credit account that has been compromised.Banks these days often have a system to track your spending activities, so if an unusual purchase occurs, the chance of you winning your fraud investigation is high.It’s also better to provide proofs of your last purchases through receipts to show exactly when you still had your card. If your statements show the merchant where the fraudulent transaction was made, try contacting them directly to get information about the purchase.With credit card transactions, it’s much easier to dispute a charge because companies can check with the merchant to see how and when the charges were made.If the credit was not yet processed, you may still have a chance of retrieving the money. Since it works much like cash, once a transaction has bee completed, it’s considered paid for unless you argue with a merchant on a refund.

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But unless you plan to book expensive trips or splurge on a new HDTV, call up your bank to put an amount limit on purchases and withdrawals.

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