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4) Scan Local Drives : This invokes the application to scan local drives. To access the Quarantine Manager click the Black Shield and choose Open Quarantine Manager.

To check for viruses manually click the Black Shield and select Scan Local Drives.

If you end up hiding the Black Shield and want to get it back you can use Finder to navigate to Applications and click on the Sophos Anti-Virus application (which is a blue shield) this will load a blue shield on your dock where you can right click to see similar items seen using the Black Shield as follows: 1) Update Now : This checks for the latest update files.

2) Cancel Update : This cancels the update in progress.

The requirements are pretty simple as it works with Intel/PPC processors from Tiger to Snow Leopard on all Apple Mac hardware (including the latest Macbook Air released last month).

After downloading the Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac DMG (filename: savosx_72_size:~62 MB) it is highly recommended that you invoke Terminal, change to your Downloads folder and generate the message digest using the command md5 savosx_72_and match the checksum on the Sophos Tech Specs site (at the time of this writing) it is 21c3c6f2d93d0843238b9575792e06ef if the checksums do not match it is possible that the DMG corrupted during download, has been tampered with, or someone dropped the ball on synching the download page to the file.

Once the installation is successfully complete you can close and drag the image to the trash or right click and eject the image.

At this time you can verify that the Black Shield is now on your menu bar by where the time is displayed.

Once you’ve verified the checksum you may proceed with the installation.You never know how lucky you are until your number comes up 🙂 Once you’re satisfied by putting in some research time and sanity checks you can move to the second step of clicking on “Sophos Anti-Virus Home Edition.mpkg” (Meta Package File).You will be walked through the Sophos End-User License Agreement for Consumers (EULA) and will have to agree to their licensing terms before proceeding.The first time I ran it the Auto Update Status window showed that I was downloading 169 update files at about 5MB total.Upon completion it stated that Sophos Anti-virus has been updated with a date and time stamp.

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The Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition Black Shield icon has 9 clickable selections as follows in the respective top down order. : This opens the Quarantine Manager to review and act.

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