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We’ve all got ideas that didn’t work out or we are willing to share…I think we can give folks just starting out some ideas for the kinds of places that might just be the place Where Warm Waters Halt…or not! Retrospective— Sixteenth Century Explorations in the Northwest— Eighteenth Century Discoveries— Early Commercial En- terprises — Astoria a British Possession— Repossessed by the United States— Superlative Absolutism of the Hudson Bay Company — Advent of Methodist Missionaries in the Northwest — The Oregon Controversy— Joint Occupancy Treaty Con- tinued — " Fifty-Four Forty or Fight" — Sacrifices of United States for Sake of Peace — Imminent Danger of War with Great Britain — Emperor William of Germany Arbitrates the Dispute 1 GENERAL NORTH IDAHO HISTORY. William R 168 Gifford, Seth 363 Gifford, Wilfred L 340 Giles, Charles 335 Gil'and. It were unfair to assert that they were HISTORY OF NORTH IDAHO. The palmy days of placer mining have long since passed, but the re- vival of the last decade in quartz mining has brought to light not a few promising prospects and some pro- ducers, the wide distribution of which, considered in connection with the evidence of mineralization in many parts of the intervening country, fosters the belief that Idaho county is some day again to lead the state, as it did in the early 'sixties, in the production of mineral wealth. Intangible Reeords of Early Gold Discoveries— Indian Legends Concerning Mysterious Treasure— Colonel E. Price Finds Gold on Clearwater River — Indian Opposition Prevents His Prosecution of Mining— Deluge of Humanity into Nez Perces Country— Indians Unwillingly Sign a Treaty— Steamboat Explorations in 1861 — Opening of Oro Fino and Oro Grande Mining Regions — Average Earnings of Placer Miners — Description of Salmon River Mines — Stampede to Pioneer Gulch — Indians Save Life of G. Noble — The Dalles Subjected to Mob Rule — The Two Mining Camps of Washington and Richmond — Social Conditions— Lawlessness Punished by Judge Lynch CHAPTER II. Portion of Nez Perce Reservation Laid Out as a Townsite in 1861— Rapid Settlement of the Country Brings Miners' Laws to the Front — Territorial Government of Washington Organizes Shoshone County— Political Agitation for New Territorial Boundaries— Lewiston the First Capitol of Idaho — Details of an Historic Crime— Desperado Lower Demolishes a Camera — Prompt and Effectual Action of Courts Disbands Vigilance Committees — Unpopularity of Union Sentiment in Southern Idaho — First Territorial Legislature of Idaho Convenes at Lewiston December 7, 1863 — Legality Denied and Case taken to the Supreme Court of the United States— Stampede from Southern Idaho to the Coeur d'Alenes— Early Railroad History — Earthquakes CHAPTER 111. Savages Face to Face with Law of the Survival of the Fittest— Scare in Indian Valley— Council of August 14, 1872— De- partment of Interior Prohibits White Settlement by Order Dated April 30, 1873— Local Effects of the Order— Dilemma of the Interior Department— Letter of Governor Grover— The Wallowa Reopened to Settlement— General O. How- ard's Order— Cattle King Crooks Sounds an Alarm— The Norton Massacre— The Salmon River Murders— Interviews with Those Who Had Lived in the Storm Center of the War— Indians Rout Perry's Cavalry— Death of Lieutenant Theller— Last Stand of Lieutenant Theller— Forty Per Cent of Perry's Command Left Dead on the Field— Lewiston Calls for Aid —Massacre on Camas Prairie— Criticism on Generalship Displayed in the Nez Perce War— Chief Joseph Complimented on His Leadership— Looking Glass and Chief Joseph Plan a New Campaign— Captain Perry Given Chief Command at Cottonwood — Trend of the War Decidedly in Favor of the Indians — Joseph Finally Driven Toward the Buffalo Country —General Gibbon Leaves Helena for the Front — Engages the Indians and Is Wounded— Discovery of Treachery on the Part of the Bannocks— General Miles Ordered to Pursue Joseph Toward Bear Paw Mountain— Surrender of Chief Joseph CONTENTS. ° Faunce, Charles E 330 Ferrall, Garret H 13S Ferry, Charles E 310 Fike; Christian J 294 Fish, David 355 Flaig. William 3S0 Fountain, Henry K 241 Freeburn, Jacob E 301 Fritz, James A 210 Frost, Electus M 171 Frye, Charles M 206 Gage, William H 35 INDEX. C -44 Gertie, Henry J 197 Gertje, Tohn H 385 Gibbs. But the Hudson's Bay men were in the country for other purposes than the amelioration of conditions among the Indians. Though from an agriculturist's standpoint there seems to be much waste 'and in central Idaho, yet is the country almost every- where rich in some form of wealth.Henderson alone; the general chapters on North Idaho and the special histories of Nez Perces, Idaho and Shoshone coun- ties by William S. To make specific acknowledgements to everyone to whom they are due is impossible, but we must in a special way bear testimony to the kindly assistance rendered by the committees who have perused the manuscript histories of the different counties, giving us the benefit of their ripe knowledge and experience. We, the undersigned, pioneer citizens of Idaho County, hereby certify that we have read the manuscript history of said county to be published by the Western Historical Publishing Company, together with histories of the other counties of north Idaho, and that we have called the attention of its author to such slight errors as our knowledge of events has enabled us to detect. John H 493 Von Berge, William 566" Wagner, Martin 550 Walker, Robert X 499 Wassem, George F 556 \ n "ii. John E 536 Benedict, Samuel 464 Bibb, Robert M 544 Bibb, Mrs. 6 Broemmling, Barnev 708 Buchanan, William A 737 Bundy, Harvev T 633 Burdic, Fredric F 680 Burger, Christ 735 Burke, Edward L 746 Burr, I Tomer E 735 Byrns, Bayard T 746 Callison, Samuel P 714 Cameron, Daniel 633 Cameron, Murdock 650 Campbell, Frank 709 Canfield, Homer W 675 Carter. That mythical strait of Anian seems to have had a strange charm for the old navigators. Charity will find a substan- tial excuse for most of his faults, while virtue and truth, civilization and religion will award him a place as a faithful, zealous and comparatively successful missionary. Spalding was the daughter of a plain, sub- stantial farmer, by the name of Hart, of Oneida coun- ty, New York. And above all lie the dark folds of pine, sweeping along the crests of the precipices which they crown with a rim of sombre green, while far away in the distant perspective is an endless succession of rug- ged mountains, priest-robed in the snows of eternity, or clothed in the sombre hues of the forest.Special acknowledgements are due the Lewiston Teller, the Lewiston Tribune, the Nez Perce News, the Idaho County Free Press, the Grangeville Standard, the Spokesman-Review, of Spokane, the Coeur d'Alene Sun, the Wallace Press, the North Idaho Star, the Moscow Mirror, the Rathdrum Tribune, and to the various other newspapers whose names are to be found in the chapter on the press, for the use of valuable files, without which a work of this character would be impossible. We bear testimony that the said history gives evidence of being the result of extensive and careful research. Alexander 1 454 Watson, Robert 524 Webber, Albert 495 Weber, Alexander A 555 Weber, Jacob 1 521 Weddle, David 474 Whiting. Williams, Andrew J 458 Williams, William S M 49' Wilson, Samuel A 400 Wilson, William 4^3 Wilson, William J 47 I Wiltse, Bion C 5-'-' PAGE Witt, James 5'3 Wolbert, Joseph M 488 Wolfe, George M 528 Wood, John A 519 Wooden, John D 555 Woodward, James 53° PAGE Yates, David 4S5 Young, Almon L 405 Young, John C 551 Zehner, Benjamin F 504. William 639 Chambers, Samuel T 671 Chandler, Charles 700 Chanev, Livev J 700 1 Chapman, David 742 Charles, Alexander II 667 I Christie, Thomas H 665 Clark, James W 654 Clark, Theodore 638 Clyde, Peter 695 Cobbs, Hartzell 669 1 Colburn, Alfred 696 Cole, Ezra L 734 , Collins, James H 034 I Collins, Joseph R 648 Comer, William A 660 Cone, Benjamin F 690 Copeland, Lloyd D 684 Crocker, John S 730 ! One of them, Maldonado, a good many years later, gave a very con- nected and apparently veracious account of his journey through that strait, averring that through it he reached another ocean in latitude seventy-five degrees. She was above the medium height, slender in form, with coarse features, dark brown hair, blue eyes, rather dark complexion, coarse voice, of a serious turn of mind, and quick in understanding lan- guages. Spalding always appeared cheerful and easy and had their unbounded confidence and respect. There may be gorges in the Yellowstone or Yosemite of far more imposing magnitude, but for dimensions large enough to be profoundly striking, yet not too vast to be taken in by the eyes at once, for infinite changes of pictur- esque detail and for brilliancy and variety of coloring.

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