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The mark of a top player is the determination to get better each and every day. You see her when she’s out on the field by herself; you see her out at training. I think that’s a massive quality, there has to be fuel, and she has that.

Louis, 11-Kathy-Ann Nixon (c), 12-Ahkeela Mollon, 16-Leslie Ann James, 18-Terrie Lisa John Aly Wagner [Y 49′], Leslie Osborne [Y 49′] — Maylee Attin-Johnson [Y 69′] February 27, 2004: USA 8-0 Haiti [HT 3-0] Heredia, Costa Rica, Estadio Eladio Rosabal Cordero (2,000) CONCACAF Final Round Women’s Olympic Qualifying Aly Wagner (Cindy Parlow) 12′, Cindy Parlow (Kate Markgraf) 17′, (Lindsay Tarpley) 73′, (Shannon Mac Millan) 87′, Shannon Mac Millan (Cindy Parlow) 47′, Lindsay Tarpley (63), Abby Wambach (Shannon Mac Millan) 81′ — Judith Fenelon 41′ (O.Jensen 24-La Keysia Beene (18-Hope Solo 76′); 4-Cat Reddick (21-Kylie Bivens 67′), 14-Joy Fawcett, 19-Danielle Slaton, 6-Brandi Chastain (2-Lorrie Fair 46′); 10-Aly Wagner, 13-Kristine Lilly (7-Jena Kluegel 46′), 11-Julie Foudy (5-Angela Hucles 46′); 16-Tiffeny Milbrett (22-Mandy Clemens 60′), 23-Abby Wambach (20-Christie Welsh 75′), 8-Shannon Mac Millan 12-Johanna Lindell (1-Satu Kunnas 46′); 3-Jessica Julin, 4-Heidi Matinlassi (18-Pia Silander 89′), 5-Sari Seppanen, 14-Petra Vaelma (2-Janina Vuorisalo 62′); 16-Sinikka Soloma, 6-Marjo Ikola (15-Minna Tuominen 69′), 7-Salla Ranta (10-Katri Nakso-Koivisto 46′), 11-Elisa Simonen (9-Tiina Saario 76′); 13-Heidi Kackur, 8-Minna Mustonen 24-La Keysia Beene (1-Briana Scurry 46′); 15-Kate Sobrero (3-Jenny Benson 61′) 14-Joy Fawcett, 6-Brandi Chastain, 4-Cat Reddick; 10-Aly Wagner, 5-Tiffany Roberts (2-Lorrie Fair 46′), 11-Julie Foudy (13-Angela Hucles 59′), 12-Cindy Parlow (7-Jena Kluegel 61′); 16-Tiffeny Milbrett (9-Mia Hamm 46′), 22-Abby Wambach (8-Shannon Mac Millan 37′) 1-Astrid Johannesen, 2-Brit Sandaune, 3-Ane Stangeland, 4-Anne Tønnessen, 13-Cecilie Berg-Hansen (5-Bente Kvitland 83′), 6-Hege Riise (c), 16-Kristine Rand Edner (8-Monica Knudesen 46′), 10-Unni Lehn, 9-Anita Rapp (15-Gunhild Følstad 79′), 7-Trine Rønning (11-Linda Ørmen 70′), 17-Ingrid Fosse Saethre (18-Kristine Blystad Bjerke 57′) Cindy Parlow (Kristine Lilly) 12′, Mia Hamm (Kristine Lilly), 35′, 50′, (Abby Wambach) 68′, Abby Wambach (Jenny Benson) 47′, (Mia Hamm) 64′, (Mia Hamm) 89′, Shannon Mac Millan (Mia Hamm) 78′ — Julie Fleeting (Joanne Love) 34′, Debbie Mc Whinnie (Julie Fleeting) 36′ 18-Hope Solo (1-Briana Scurry 46′); 15-Kate Sobrero (23-Heather Mitts 64′), 4-Thori Bryan (20-Kelly Lindsey 46′), 6-Brandi Chastain, 14-Jenny Benson; 5-Tiffany Roberts (7-Jena Kluegel 62′), 2-Lorrie Fair (c), 13-Kristine Lilly (10-Angela Hucles 46′), 11-Julie Foudy (8-Shannon Mac Millan 64′); 12-Cindy Parlow (22-Abby Wambach 46′), 9-Mia Hamm 1-Gemma Fay (12-Claire Johnstone 76′), 2-Shelly Kerr (13-Suzi Robertson 84′), 3-Stacey Cook, 4-Nicky Grant, 5-Michelle Barr, 6-Julie Smith (16-Megan Sneddon 65′), 7-Joanne Love (15-Finella Annand 73′), 8-Mhairi Gilmour (17-Alana Bruce 88′), 9-Donna James, 10-Julie Fleeting (c) (18-Suzanne Grant 76′), 11-Debbie Mc Whinnie 1-Briana Scurry; 15-Kate Sobrero, 6-Brandi Chastain, 14-Joy Fawcett, 19-Danielle Slaton; 5-Tiffany Roberts (17-Angela Hucles 46′), 13-Kristine Lilly (2-Lorrie Fair 46′), 11-Julie Foudy, 9-Mia Hamm (8-Shannon Mac Millan 64′); 12-Cindy Parlow (10-Aly Wagner 46′), 22-Abby Wambach (27-Heather O’Reilly 39′) 1-Tatiana Pitchougova, 2-Marina, Kolomiets, 4-Natalia Karaseva (17-Anastassia Poustovoitova 46′), 5-Vera Stroukova, 6-Svetlana Sedakova (15-Irina Mironova 69′), 7-Tatiana Skotnikova, 9-Alexandra Svetlitskaya (8-Oxana Shmachkova 46′), 10-Natalia Barbachina, 11-Olga Letyushova, 13-Elena Fomina, 18-Elena Jikhareva 18-Siri Mullinix; 15-Kate Sobrero (4-Cat Reddick, 62), 6-Brandi Chastain, 14-Joy Fawcett, 19-Danielle Slaton (5-Tiffany Roberts, 68); 13-Kristine Lilly, 2-Lorrie Fair, 11-Julie Foudy (c) (17-Angela Hucles, 62), 10-Aly Wagner (27-Heather O’Reilly, 75); 9-Mia Hamm (8-Shannon Mac Millan, 64), 12-Cindy Parlow (22-Abby Wambach, 64).18-Melissa Barbieri; 4-Diane Alagich, 6-Anissa Tann (c), 12-Rhian Davies (3-Sacha Wainwright 46′), 2-Gillian Thomson (13-Thea Slayter 85′), 5-Cheryl Salisbury, 7-Kelly Golebiowski (16-Amy Wilson 74′), 8-Olivia Hohnke (11-Heather Garriock 46′), 10-Joanne Peters, 15-Tal Karp (14-Peita-Claire Hepperlin 83′), 9-April Mann (17-Natalie Thomas 74′).She respects the form that Morgan is in — and she also knows the plan for trying to halt it. “I think she’s got a lot of pace in behind, a good, willing runner. She’s got that good connection with the rest of the players.They know she’s going to always get on the end of the ball.” “If we can reduce the space that she has, I think that will cause her a few problems.

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NASHVILLE, Tennessee — Alex Morgan is one tally shy of 100 international goals, a feat achieved by only six other Americans in history. record for a player by the third anniversary of her first cap, a feat buoyed by an astounding 28 goals in 31 games in 2012. Morgan was aiming for 100th then for multiple reasons.

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