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But this process has its flaws and has led to many broken hearts and failed marriages.Mushrooming of many online dating sites, each claiming to be the better than the other, is a testimony to the imperfections in the process.They advised Sikhs to fulfill their duties to the family and society while always remembering Waheguru.We will use the model used by Gurus for devotion of a Sikh towards the Waheguru to set guidelines for human life partners.The resulting divorce and battle over custody of children ruins lives of both partners and has a long lasting adverse impact on the children.

Dating- Some Guidelines from Gurbani about Finding Your Life Partner Introduction Finding a life partner is a very important part of one’s life.

This is often causing a conflict and confusion in the families as the methods employed by previous generations do not seem to provide the appropriate solutions for finding a life partner in current situation.

This is particularly true for many of the young Sikhs growing up in the diaspora or urban educated Sikhs in India as they are caught between two cultures, without having adequate guidance for understanding the processes in either.

We will lay down guidance for this process based on Gurbani.

While many religions treated the marital relationship between a man and woman as sinful or the family life as a barrier to salvation, Sikh Gurus elevated this relationship to the highest level of “purity” as that of a relationship between a devotee and Waheguru.

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