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Boasting a success of 5 million happy-ever-afters, the website features a thorough verification process to ensure that its patrons know exactly what they’re getting into when browsing through profiles.Its simple user-friendly interface makes the lengthy process a lot less bearing with its helpful popup tool that provides tips and suggestions.

A unique, heartwarming facet to its membership composition is inclusivity to individuals who are physically/mentally challenged, and even those diagnosed with HIV.

First, you can easily find profiles by using the smart search bar that allows you to filter users based on certain criteria.

The search tool has five modes that can filter 24 criteria for search results. Second is its “Matches” option, which shows recommendation based on your preferences.

I'm enjoying using the website because it really helps me find who I want in my life.

It also helps that it's clear about long-term relationships and marriage, since it skips the confusing dance of casual dating.

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For paid members, if chats go well they may directly contact their match through other means (SMS/email).

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