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We're firm believers in the idea that success in life and love stems from meeting the right people.

In the North Island or the South Island, in Auckland, Wellington, or Christchurch, Attractive World is here to help you with NZ dating.

I've been on a few dates with someone over the last couple of weeks and people seem to be assuming that we are now 'an item'.

Yes we are enjoying spending time together but neither of us is at the point of considering the other one their boy/girlfriend - and it's cool!

Notice of the hearing shall be sent by first class mail to all property owners within a distance of 250 feet of the property lines on both sides of the street on which the property fronts and to adjoining property owners or owners to the rear of the property affected.

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Attractive World is helping Kiwi singles to find true love.

One of the greatest things about joining Attractive World is becoming part of a community of successful, relationship-minded Kiwi singles actively looking for meaningful connections.

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