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All our Cat Chalets are heated and have the benefit of cosy beds and scratching posts.

All cats staying at Froglands Purrfection Cattery must be fully vaccinated and up to date with annual boosters.

Adult cats are fed twice daily, kittens and senior cats according to their requirements.

Froglands only stock Felix & Whiskas pouches and dry biscuits.

Froglands Purrfection provides a warm and caring cat boarding service.

Categories with no recorded Crimes are highlighted in Green.

Lots of Surrey girls join My Adult Buddy simply because they aren't fulfilled sexually by their husbands or boyfriends.

We have sympathy for them, and also understand that some things can't be bottled up!

It's a good idea to have something from home as this will remind your cat of it's home environment and will help him/her to settle in.

We endeavour to cater for each cat's individual dietary needs, with the exception of prescription diets that we are happy to prepare, but ask the owner to provide.

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