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" I said, using the voice in my head, and waited."You are not who you think you are," snake dude replied, without wiping the smile off his face. "And he said: "You will never know.""Geez, thanks, cocky serpent man."I wasn't sure where to take this unhelpful inner process of mine, though I had a hunch the takeaway message was that I was just going to have to wait out my moment of ennui. Sometimes it's really that we have no massive interest in having the experience, at least for now.I then mimicked my father's technique and drew a picture of the Cheshire Reptile with our conversation written next to it. I lived for 9 months by myself in a 300-year-old cottage built into the wall of a palace in Europe, and I didn't visit the palace. This was whilst I would take daytrips to visit other stately homes and castles, and I even have a spreadsheet with the hundreds of such places I've visited and plan to visit.This hit me recently when I was interviewing Ken Finkleman, a television writer in Toronto who has a first novel coming out. I see now in your byline that your mom is a therapist as well.

I thought he was just trying to make conversation; he does that sometimes when I'm silent."No," I said, and left it at that.

During my visit, my father and I went with my stepmother to a touristy mountain town to walk around and shop. One of his longest running creative projects is collecting and painting miniature figurines of almost everything you can imagine, from soldiers to ballerinas to priests and everything in between.

Altogether, I believe it may be the largest collection of archetypes that exists in the world."Do you have any hobbies?

Unfortunately, my moment with coincided with a period of madness in my own life. Anyways, this is a well-known condition amongst writers, but I can't blame the rest of the population for considering it a very nice excuse for laziness and suggesting I just get a job.

Well, ‘madness' is a tad melodramatic, but so was I at that time. In addition to this existential purposelessness, I was also going through a break up on the heels of a divorce.

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