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i think u r so totally hot and u r lucky i don't have your number right now… aawww you left me naked and unsatisfied in front of my computer…are such a tease! February 2, 2011 LW: where are you you hot congressman? The site obtained the Facebook transcript from their sexually explicit chatting, which started in August of last year and ended on June 1, just after Weiner accidentally tweeted a picture of his crotch, setting off the scandal that has not yet subsided.

first we watch back to back episodes of the daily show and colbert report…then, to really spice things up we go deface all of my neighbor's sharon angle yard signs…then when we are really hot we go to the bookstore and cover all of the glen beck books with copies of "the audacity of hope! AW: how did i miss this chance to rock your world by phone?

There’s always going to be girls whose messages consist of 99% “haha”. But all other girls are just waiting for you to send the right kind of texts. So she hasn’t been dreaming of your head between her soft thighs yet.

And she also hasn’t been discussing potential date plans in the girl-chat on Facebook.

Let’s say her princess parts won’t be tingling just yet. Let’s make sure you know how to start a tinder conversation with the Personalized Opener.

So we’re going to add one or two extra ingredients: Humor and/or Teasing. So I shoot her a text back with some more of the same humor. You’re Tindering again and BANG, you match this sporty spice: She chose to connect her Instagram to her Tinder.

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