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Being asked on how is it going with her and Shia Wednesday night August 29th at the Avalon night club where she was attending the NASCAR-hosted California Speedway's Running Wide Open charity event, which benefited the NASCAR Foundation, the songbird said "Me and Shia, we are just friends, you know, we barely even know each other." The Barbados-born singer was photographed dining with Shia in Beverly Hills restaurant Kate Mantilini on Tuesday August 28th thus prompted rumors they are dating and taking it "slow." Rihanna opened the California Speedway's Running Wide Open event, hosted by Club Avalon, on Wednesday night, jumping into a Hot Wheels Corvette with Speed Racer %c Jeff Gordon% got behind the wheel. “(I was) filming a sword fight when I got the (text) message. I think he's more talented, if you just watch video's of him in his daily life, Shia Lebouff has to reaad a script to do and say clever things; not Chris.

Shia has probably only straightened out now because of his brushes with the law and realizing his drinking damaged his own body irreparably...And if someone in a similar situation can look at her and learn something or take something from what she has gone through then she said so be it.Everyone that I have ever heard talk about David Justice has called him an @ss-hole..thats nothing new.Rhiyanna has said herself that she used to fistfight her brothers and hit her brother in the head with a glass bottle. No one should put their hands on another human being, regardless if you are a female or a male. And he sexy too :) @ Onion What are you talking about ?I was dissappointed when I heard that about Rhiyanna and Chris. I'm happy that they didn't try to have something just for publicity even though the sparks wasn't there. The SB happened in 2004, Janet and JD started dating in 2001.

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