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We’re pretty much best friends now, and that comes with almost two years of working so closely together and building these characters together.

What’s so wonderful about originating a role, and it’s the first time for both of us truly originating, is that so much of what you do and your strengths go into the story and into what’s cemented as . A lot of the scenes are tightened up, and there’s been songs that have been replaced.

Molly is a character that experiences many emotions within the short timespan of two-and-a-half hours.

Recently, talked with Levy about her character and the development process with director Matthew Warchus, Ballard and Stewart (from the Eurythmics). Obviously, Dave Stewart and Glen Ballard are rock legends, so to know that they had written the score, these two incredibly accomplished musicians, that was really intriguing.

And, of course, Matthew Warchus is a director that I was dying to work with, so the fact that he wanted to see me was exciting.

It’s a really well-written pop musical theater song, and I haven’t heard a musical theater ballad like that in a few years.

And it got me very excited for what the rest of the score might hold.

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