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According to our data collection from many mainstream and non-mainstream forums, and our user’s emails and feedback, many problems and issues occur during i OS 11.4/11.3/11.2/11.1/11 updating, and using it afterward. So to help all i OS 11 users solve these annoying troubles, we list them one by one, with quick and practical solutions, in the following. View the details of each step to fix verifying update issue, please refer to this guide: How to Fix i Phone 8/X/7/6s/6/5s/4s Stuck on Verifying Update Normally we can use i Tunes to back up our devices. Swipe to the right while you’re on your device’s home screen. If your device sound suddenly cuts out while you’re on the home screen or while you’re using an application, don’t panic. If you are looking for ways to solve issues related to text sound, you can refer to this post for suggestions: How to Fix No Text Sound on i Phone The other i OS 11 sound related problem is about i Phone ringtone. You can take the following tips to get them solved. If you have a screen protector, you can remove it to have a try. If it doesn’t work the first time, try it again until it works. We also prepare you a detailed guide: How to Fix Touch Screen Not Working After i OS 11/i OS 10 Update i OS 11 updating sometimes will also lead to some apps breaking down, and i Message is one of them. However if unfortunately, you have not backed up your devices, there is no need to worry about it, because we can also get back disappeared data with a mobile data recovery software – Phone Rescue for i OS. We can just say “Hi, Siri” to find what we would like to eat, where we want to go and how, and more. However Safari would occasionally break down after i OS 11 updating, feedback from many users, with symptoms of Safari not working frequently, crashing all of sudden, page loading slowly, page interface is broken, etc. HEIC that has been standard image format on i Devices running i OS 11. Also, you can choose to reset it or turn it off and try downloading the update again. You can also visit this page for more info: How to Fix: i Phone X/8/7/6S Live Wallpaper Not Working After talking about Air Pods, sound problems must be the next one of i OS 11 issues. If you notice something, carefully remove it to see if that improves your device’s sound. For the details of each method, please follow this guide: How to Fix i Phone Ringtone Not Working On i OS 11, i Phone i Pad i Pod touchscreen maybe becomes laggy, or slow to respond, or even turn unresponsive, for some users. Have a check on your screen to see if there are some oily or liquid splits and clean the screen with soft cloth. Press and hold down the on/off button and drag slide to power off, and then turn on your i Phone/i Pad/i Pod touch after a few seconds. Your phone will reboot in a few seconds and the touchscreen problems should be gone. Make sure to download and install the latest version of i Tunes. As if data gets lost, you can directly recover them from the backups. To get more suggestions on solving Siri problems, please refer to this guide Among many i OS users, Safari may be their favorite web browser, including me personally. This method will not remove any data on your device. Besides the above methods, there are some other simple tips you can have a try, read this tutorial: How to Fix i Phone i Pad Keeps Restarting 1. To fix this error, you can follow this guide about how to fix i Phone i Pad won’t restore You may aware that Apple adopted to high-efficiency image file format i.e.Although we all know that every newer i OS version will not only bring fresh features to make our life more funny, but also update fixes for bugs occurring in the previous versions. However, this does not mean i OS 11 is perfect and bugless. Use an i Pad Charger will make it faster to charge i Phone. If you find your cellular data is strangely slow, or even not working on i Phone 8/X, after updating to i OS 11, you can try the following means. Make sure it’s not a router/Internet Service Provider (ISP) problem. If you’re pretty sure it’s not a router issue, you’ll go to Settings Just like Wi-Fi problems, i OS 11 updating may also put in such situations, Bluetooth won’t connect to i Phone/Car, Bluetooth connection drops frequently, Bluetooth always on, or Bluetooth won’t turn on i Phone or i Pad, etc. Check you’re set to send and receive i Messages by going to Settings Messages again and check the addresses and mobile number you have listed in Send & Receive. Turn i Message off and on again and restart Messages. To get more info on i Message/message issues in i OS 11, refer to this quick guide Besides App Store is down, we often face with troubles of app not downloading and updating. So the most frequently used method is to restore your device and upgrade, with i Tunes. So you can try some professional i OS cleaning software, like Phone Clean, to remove the useless data, or follow this guide of ours to learn more about how to speed up your i Phone i Pad after i OS 11 upgrading These days, life without the social network cannot be imagined, especially the popular Facebook. After updating to new i OS version, when you try to restore from i Tunes backup on your computer, you may have got a message saying, “An unknown error occurred”.

But we also know i Tunes aims at backing up all data. Scroll all the way to the bottom of your widgets and select Edit. To enable Low Power Mode on your device head into Settings Solution 1. Many users have emailed us asking for help with ringtonw not working on i Phone 8/X, so we gather a few possible solutions: Method 1. In the past, it’s taken as many as three hard resets. Under this i Message, not working problem, i Message cannot be delivered, i Message stuck on activating screen, an error occurred during i Message activation, message app keeps crashing, or i Phone/i Pad not receiving or sending messages. However, there is a possibility that Siri may do not work after i OS 11 upgrading. With these Safari issues, you can, Clean Safari junk files. If you want to learn more details, you can check: How to Fix Can’t Activate i Phone i Pad i Pod touch 1. Press and hold both of the “Sleep” and “Home” buttons at the same time for 10 seconds until Apple logo appears on screen. This new image format enhances better compression, moreover, making it in smaller file size. Press the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons (Volume Down buttons for i Phone 7/7Plus) for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo shows up. Clear all on-screen notifications by tapping (or force pressing) the “x” on the notification screen. So in this part of i OS 11 bugs, we mainly show you how to fix various i OS 11 Apple Music problems. Apple official has already announced this problem and that they will team up with Microsoft to solve this i OS 11 exchange issue. But after i OS 11 upgrading, you may encounter various screen recording nor working issues: recording videos can’t save, recording videos no sound, and screen recorder crashes, etc. To update i OS 11 with i Tunes, here we have also prepared a practical guide to help you: How to Install i OS 11 on Your i Phone/i Pad/i Pod touch Easily As a music lover, Apple Music app would be the most indispensable tool on i Phone i Pad; And you would never allow Apple Music not working on i Phone i Pad when you enjoy the songs. Also, if you would like to learn more about i OS 11 Mail problems and solutions, you can directly visit this topic guide: How to Fix i OS 11/10 Mail Problems on i Phone i Pad , Office 365, or Exchange 2016 in i OS 11 Mail app on i Phone i Pad, after upgrading to i OS 11. As one biggest highlight of i OS 11 – Screen Recording brings us much fun. Secondly, you can try these steps below to fix this i Phone 8/X problem quickly; If you have downloaded i OS 11 beta version on your device, i OS 11 will not appear in the settings, either. Certainly, you can also directly head to the topic page for more detailed solutions to this i OS 11 bug: How to Fix i OS 11 Apple Music Not Working After updating to i OS 11, Mail app could also have something wrong occasionally, such as Mail app unable receiving new emails, password incorrect, Mail app blank screen. Firstly i OS update not appearing in settings is kind of very common issue for every i OS generation upgrading, not just i OS 11. Force restart your device by pressing and holding the Sleep/Wake (On/Off) and Home buttons together until you see the Apple logo.

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