Pitbull and nayer dating

Maybe he will have a new album to promote and open up more about his personal life?That would be ideal because I hate unsolved pop culture mysteries. The term Gator Pitbull refers to a pitbull puppy that comes from the Gator bloodline. Some say that this specific bloodline was bred in order to be excellent fighters. His rap lyrics are pretty sexual — at least in my opinion. Is he in some kind of secret long term relationship?

The lack of a woman present and some confirmation bias tell me that the rapper is single.Maybe he will end up getting secretly married over the weekend and prove me wrong, but it is highly unlikely. Two of his children he had with Barbara Alba, his most recent ex-girlfriend, so we do know that he has dated someone at some point.(For the record, the name of the other children's mother seem to be unavailable.) Bull and Alba broke up in 2011 and apparently there was no bad blood.And later on the baby mama of Pitbull, Barbara hired lawyer Jason Setchen to raise the money.She did it because Pitbull was gaining fame and popularity and he had a massive rise in his net worth. Even the attorney of Barbara, Jason complimented Pitbull stating Pitbull is a gentleman and this was resolved affably. For the time being, the name of Bryce’s mother is a mystery.

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He is always collaborating with hot singers like Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, but what's his deal? From those annoying yet undeniably dance-able songs to the ever present sunglasses on his face, Pitbull keeps the people guessing, and the same goes for his love life. I feel like I am always bopping my head to Pitbull songs, yet I really know nothing about him.

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