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If you have never thought about it, here are some alternative methods you can rely on, other than a land line, to keep your costs down: The first option relies on the traditional analogue land line of the telephone companies, the others are internet based options and therefore require either a portable computer with internet access or an internet point.

Calling cards are an option that is quite independent from the phase of your move, whether you have just arrived or you are settled in the new location.

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Communicating from overseas is a subject we rarely consider before leaving either a home country location or another country.

Then you are immediately landed with little or no choice, in order to stay in touch with friends and family while in transit other than to use a payphone or the hotel phone (both very expensive), or your mobile (which, if you're not careful, can almost add up the same charges as a hotel bill!

The code for Venice should be used at all times whether calling from inside or outside the city.

The local operators use GSM coverage although reception in central Venice is up and down depending on where you are.Some payphones need to be told that you wish to use 'tones'.To do this, you may have to press " * " (asterisk sign) after the access number to switch on tones.Most decent hotels provide access as well as wireless coverage in some cases.Surfing in cafes can be quite expensive compared to rates you may be used to though so again, check in advance what the going rate is.

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