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Google Pay is a unique solution that accepts payments from anywhere and from any device, this is due to: As we mentioned earlier, Ayden (one of the several payment processors of this Google API), is an excellent solution to accept payments anywhere and from any device.

In addition to this, Ayden reviews payment flows without friction, plus it has Ayden Market Pay which is a payment solution for marketplaces, with different payment methods, and has “Revenue/Accelerate” that allows the optimization of authorization, and it also allows payments in the store.

So far, according to the authorities, fines of between 134 and 1,340 euros have been handed down in 39 cases, including 22 women wearing a burqa - a full body covering including a face veil - or a niqab, a full face veil.

In Germany, there have only been isolated and limited bans so far, for example, for the civil service in the state of Hesse.

The Interior Ministry urged local authorities and relevant bodies to enforce the ban.The broadcast will feature three individual audio/video streams which can be viewed at the same time on the OVPA Website.The first stream will include webcams of the Guest Panel and hosts.The ban also applies to other face coverings such as full-face helmets or balaclavas.However, it is unclear whether the ban can be enforced in reality after several cities as well as hospitals, public transport operators and also the police said that they would not abide by it. In Denmark, the full-veil ban has been in effect for exactly one year.

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