Outlook mailbox view not updating

When using Exchange Online services, the communication channel is based on a WAN infrastructure, which by default, have narrow bandwidth verse LAN infrastructure.

Before we begin the troubleshooting process, we should classify the Mailbox as Standard Mailbox or “Large Mailbox”.

When using the term “Exchange Mailbox”, we are using an “alias” for a Database that hosted on the Exchange server.

We can describe the OWA (Outlook Web Application) mail client as a “viewer” for the data that stored in the Exchange database, and the Outlook mail client as a “viewer” for the database (OST File) that stored on the user desktop (Hard drive). WAN environment: When using a local Exchange Server (on-premises), Outlook synchronizes data to and from the Exchange Mailbox, by using a local LAN infrastructure.

There is no official classification for a “Large Mailbox” (large OST file), but we can say that – if the Mailbox size is larger than 8 GB (and probably Mailbox that includes tens of thousands mail items), it could be described as: “Large Mailbox.”This kind of Mailbox is good “candid” for synchronization problems, and require different “treatment” that involved hardware and archive solutions that will discussed later on.

The problem is increaseing and we are getting more and more complain everyday. If you notice the actual size of the folder is 372KB but Mailenable interface is showing 110.59MB. I.e: what email client was used and how does it connect? It looks like the messages were deleted but the "_DIRSIZE. One more thing I've noticed the is start consuming more memory after this issue.Due to this issue user message bounce with over quote message.Let us know if you need any input from us for troubleshooting of the issue.The Mailbox size is not calculating properly, when I check the postoffice folder the mailbox is empty (incl inbox and all folders) but MMC panel is showing the mailbox size is full.We're using the Mailenable with Plesk and the plesk panel is showing the correct size.

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The “cause” of synchronization issues can classify by using the following categories: A. The symptoms of synchronization problems relating to communication line could be: This part is a little bit tricky Q – How can we identify corrupted mail items that cause synchronization problems?

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