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I’d go for walks, do a basic level of exercise that doesn’t involve having big muscles, cook simple meals, and seek out pleasant company.Instead, I have a schedule set out for me before I wake up, meaning my day is dead before I even open my eyes.Even if you fail, you will achieve a greater ego because you at least tried, while others have not tried at all.I have given advice to men in the past stating that if they’re faced with two options, they should do the harder one because they’ll become stronger and achieve more than if they had succeeded with the easier task.

Because he would not have any human being to compare himself to, he would have no need to compete, no need to gain power, no need to prove himself to others, and so he would exist in harmony with nature. Remember, it is always greedy persons who are against greed, sexual persons who are against sex, angry persons who are against anger, violent persons who are against violence. The most violent members of society today are leftist protesters who tell you they are against violence.

I have special stretches for my lower back to combat the effects of sitting all day in front of a screen.

I sacrifice my body for work and excess material gain.

If I go to the gym to get big muscles, I will be happy with how I look, but if I lose those muscles, I will mentally suffer whenever I look in the mirror and see a decline in my appearance. Who are you to force the whole to move according to you? You have so many things imposed on you that your inner life cannot be spontaneous. They want an instruction booklet as if they were assembling furniture from Ikea.

Any campaign of effort has suffering built in, because it is difficult, if not impossible, to maintain a gain for the entirety of your life. Scriptures are dead books—they weren’t written for your environment or your situation, and must be squeezed into modern life in some way (often after being maliciously interpreted), but that still does not eliminate suffering if you follow it. Because whenever you are against anything it means that deep down you are for it, otherwise why be against it?

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When you gain something through effort, you experience a feeling of pleasure, and then must continually work so that both the gain and pleasure are maintained.

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