Original dating game board game

I'm very surprised no one has compiled this list yet.

But thanks to my buddy Matt Ottinger and his GAME SHOW HOME GAMES HOME PAGE, I've managed to cull together this listing of the ultimate parting gift, the GAME SHOW HOME GAMES LISTING. My list also contains some listings of notable non-US home games (like BLANKETY BLANK, the UK/Austrailian version of MATCH GAME, for example).

On the plus side, it was a cool word game format that lasted two seasons.

(Especially if you can do a decent impression of Jeff Foxworthy...) The gameplay allows the extra angle of other players acting as your "classmates" and earning money if they help you get the answer right.

UPDATE: In total, four editions of the game were released; the first two editions followed the original FOX TV gameplay, while the 2010-released Third Edition adapted its gameplay to the newer rules seen in the first season of the Syndicated version of the show.

UPDATE: Additional difference in the Second Edition cover is the LIFE Magazine logo at the top of the box.

Definitely a more accurate adaptation of the format than the previous "board game" version listed here.

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