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They are of course wrapped up, undercover and shaded from the elements. Manager Lucy Holmes said the project, known as “frigid napping”, started three weeks ago, and 12 parents of babies aged between five and 19 months had already signed up.

“It is a natural environment thing that has been proven through research that is a great way to boost oxygen intake, create relaxation and experience natural sights and sounds.

They are the natural sights and sounds you want your baby to hear when drifting off to sleep.

Not a busy road, road works or ambulances screaming past.

It’s not uncommon to see kids bundled up outside during a Scandinavian winter, taking a nap in their strollers, even in sub zero temperatures.I love thoroughbreds, most animals and in particular my cat Ringo.I have a great sense of humour and can conduct mysel..Fox Kids Early Learning Centre in Brighton East, Victoria is following in Europe’s footsteps and introducing an outside sleeping program for babies.Brighton East child care has just recently launched their outdoor sleeping program where babies and toddlers can have their day sleep outside – whatever the season.

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This is hard, is the ideal partner someone similar to your self or completely different??

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