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Fletcher hopes that story will have a positive impact and that viewers "will just be less judgemental about what people are wearing." He went to mention that Dylan has "nobody to talk to about" his cross-dressing.Fletcher also confirmed that it has been "great fun" to make the transformation to Dylan and his look. It was revealed that Val would arrive after receiving news Dylan had been in a road accident and that Dylan would be happy to see his mother after several months in the village without her.All characters were introduced by executive producer, Bryan Kirkwood.The first character to be introduced was Dylan Jenkins (James Fletcher) – the estranged son of established character Trevor Royle (Greg Wood), who made his first appearance in early January.In November 2014, Kirkwood revealed Dylan would become a student of the show's secondary school, 'Hollyoaks High'.Fletcher commenting, "Dylan has come to Hollyoaks to find something that's been missing from his life.He loves to stand out from the crowd with a dash of colour in his jet black hair, and a heavy application of eye-liner.However, acting like an outsider makes him exactly that, and Dylan has a hard time making friends and fitting in.

Of Trevor's reaction to Dylan's cross-dressing fun, Fletcher said Trevor "blows up at him" and "Dylan is distraught over Trevor's reaction.

April saw the arrivals of Reenie Mc Queen (Zöe Lucker), mother of Porsche, Celine and Cleo and younger half-sister of Myra (Nicole Barber-Lane); brothers Aiden (Joseph Cocklin) and Kyle Bigsby (Mitchell Hunt); Scott Drinkwell (Ross Adams), cousin of Sinead O'Connor (Stephanie Davis) and nephew of Diane O'Connor (Alex Fletcher); and the younger sister of Lindsey (Sophie Austin) and Kim Butterfield (Daisy Wood-Davis), Kath (Mikaela Newton).

Cindy Cunningham's (Stephanie Waring) secret husband, Mac Nightingale (David Easter) and Jason Roscoe's (Alfie Browne-Sykes) police mentor, Ben Bradley (Ben Richards) began appearing from May.

He hopes he'll find what he's looking for, but it could be a struggle to get what he wants if people keep standing in his way.

Deep down Dylan is a good kid who just wants to find his place in the world, but if you cross him he'll make you pay for it.

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