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The recreational community has been sensitive to the ecological and sacred nature of the watershed. The greater Oak Flat watershed has long been a recreational haven with the predominate features being the Oak Flat Campground and the incredible number (at least 2,500) documented rock climbing routes. The conditions of Mount Graham have changed substantially since the permit was granted and the observatory is even less compatible with the religious and ecological importance of Mount Graham.

In Flagstaff (at the base of the Holy San Francisco Peaks) Nihigaal Bee Iina will hold an event with speakers on June 20th. will be held on Friday, June 19, at a.m., on the United States Capitol Grounds, West Front Grassy Area Nine (see details under Washington, D. in the alphabetical listing by state on the following pages). The proposed mine would cause the collapse of almost 2 square miles of the surface at least 1,000 feet deep.

The Forest Service has decided to thin the forest and otherwise manipulate the ecosystem to try to protect what remains and to restore what has been damaged. However, a thorough analysis of legal options has not yet been undertaken.

Hualapai Nation landforms in Truxton and Crozier Canyons. They were fought to protect the telescopes more than the ecosystem and, as a result, much damage was done to the Mountain that could have been avoided.

Further, several fires devastated the top of Mount Graham in past years.

It has been identified by biologists as one of the mammals most likely to go extinct in the United States in the foreseeable future.

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