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I am an organizing, Type-A, neat freak; a mini-Martha Stewart wannabe; a blogging newbie; and a New England lover through and through.

I hope you'll find as much humor in my day-to-day journey through this crazy New England life as I do!

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The following list is ever-growing and regularly updated. One VERY LONG renovation 'wish list.' One project at a time?

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  1. The beauty of uk is that we don’t expect you to search through thousands of profiles to find someone of interest, because we have the tools you need to match yourself with other users based on as few or as many criteria as you would like.

  2. I wouldn’t have been so stressed about it if it weren’t for the fact that my chin was in the midst of double header breakouts—monster ones—and staying over would keep me from completing my nightly routine and camouflaging these via gobs of concealer from my new crush.