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I really loved working with Garry a lot.” “It took a while,” says Marshall, “and then she saw that if there was a problem, we would fix it with her. I was very happy that she did relax and have a good time.” It seems Marshall has an extraordinary gift for winning his actors’ faith and making them feel secure.

And I’m asking you to open your robe so I can look at it. At this point in Frankie and Johnny, Frankie the waitress (Pfeiffer) is about to expose rather more than her emotions to Johnny (Al Pacino), a short-order cook in the same diner. When the scene was finally in the can, produce-director Garry Marshall figured some kind of celebration was called for.

“She was a bit uncomfortable, but it’s very charming. “He’s much more relaxed in his own skin.” Playing Pacino’s wife in Scarface was her first serious role, and she recalls being “so terrified. He was much more introverted and much less accessible. He says, ‘I did not do that.’ I say, ‘Yes, you did.

It’s sexy, in a way, but it’s more just charming.” On the set of Frankie and Johnny, uncomfortable moments were often turned into set-ups for practical jokes. FRANKIE: I want a guy who’ll love me no matter what. And then you said this…’ “But we really had fun on this movie together.

On one take, he opened the door and found the crew from Star Trek: Captain Kirk, Mr. William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, and De Forest Kelley had been walking across the lot in costume, and Marshall recruited them for the trick. ” JOHNNY: Something’s going on between us, something important. “I like people communicating, the difficulty of communication between people.

“I thought something was gonna happen, bit never that! I like pictures with people in rooms and in their lives, rather than great vistas or exploring Africa or Yugoslavia.” (The reason he’s avoided foreign locations: “It’s the food.

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