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But my question is, why did producers even let her leave ATFR without offering her The Bachelorette? I searched online and couldn't find the specific date Jillian Harris was announced to find out if it was already off the table for Melissa by the time ATFR aired. It's hard to imagine any Bachelorette candidate in history having a better background story than "The girl who won The Bachelor only to get dumped on ATFR in favor of the runner-up." Now I know it isn't (Or shouldn't) be all about the backstory.

But you'd think she'd have earned a massive groundswell of support after what Jason did to her, to where people wanted to see her as The Bachelorette.

Ex Bachelor star Jason Mesnick is finally opening up about his post Bachelor life, and even talks about his ex fiance, Melissa Rycroft‘s success on Dancing With The Stars.

“I don’t know if we’ll get married ever by the way that I plan it!Jason Mesnick's season of The Bachelor was before my time, but I've seen the epic ATFR clips where he dumps Melissa Rycroft after having chosen her as his F1, essentially calling a mulligan and choosing his runner-up instead.Now, I know Melissa did get back together with an old boyfriend really quickly after that debacle, and they ended up staying together, gettimg married and having kids.Everything seems to be finally falling into place for Bachelor alum, Melissa Rycroft.Melissa’s life has made a complete 360 since being dumped publicly by her then fiance, Jason Mesnick, just months ago. These days, Melissa harbors no hard feelings towards her ex, Jason, because the situation brought her to where she is today.

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“No disrespect [to Jason] at all, but that situation doesn’t compare to where I am now – engaged and happy. Tye, 28, also speaks out for the first time about their relationship, “The last six months have not been normal…But we wouldn’t change it because what we had to go through has allowed us to be where we are today.

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