Masked textbox validating event

Private Sub txt Validating(sender As Object, e As System.

Valid = False Else If m Check Type = Check Byte And CType(Me. Text, Integer) Dim err Provider As New Error Provider ' Verify that this field is not blank.

There are probably reasons for this, but I don’t know what they are.

How do i validate them, In certain text boxes I have to use only text and in some I have to use only numbers. There are multiple values to handle this: annoy them when they try to paste text from somewhere else.

Do we really want to require some date, if we don’t know the correct birthdate?

Folks who are good, tab through fields, and enter data.

First order of business was to define the mask we would be using for date entry.

Validation starts with Validator1, Validator2 and finally Validator3.

I Needed the Masked Value, but also needed send empty string if the user didn't introduced any data in one single step. To Display String so I use the Masked Textbox with: If you set the property masked Text Box. Exclude Prompt And Literals then the Type Validation Completed event validation will not work.

I do use this on the Text Changed event, because I don't want the user to continue typing if it's an invalid character; the rule checking "eats" the invalid character. Valid = True End If Else Select Case m Check Type Case Check String If m Input Mask. Valid = True End If Case Else '// right now we're only testing for numbers...

Public Enum Check Type ct String = 0 ct Real = 1 ct Decimal = 2 ct Integer = 3 ct Byte = 4 End Enum Private m Allow Negative As Boolean = True Private m Allow Null As Boolean = True Private m Check Type As Check Type = Check String _ Private Sub Rule Check Me() '// Rule Checking If Me. Text Length = 0 Then If m Allow Null = False Then Main. Text Box1, "You are required to provide this value.") Me. Length 0 Then 'TODO: Figure out how to cope with input masks!

Private Sub Form1_Form Closing(sender As Object, e As Form Closing Event Args) Handles Me.

Set Error(txt, “This field is required.”) End If End Sub ' See if any field is blank.

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