Mandating electronic medical records

When a radiology test was scheduled, the third NCR copy of the requisition was slipped into the pocket corresponding to the month in which the test was to be performed.As results came back, my secretary pulled the requisistions for the folder, and at the end of the month, anything left in the folder was overdue, and we contacted the patient.In order to not interfere with the establishment of therapeutic and compassionate communication between provider and patient, it is imperative that software developers, health care organizations, and providers work to optimize EHR as a tool for providing efficient, patient-centered care while minimizing interference in traditional provider-patient interaction.

Electronic health records (EHR) were expected to facilitate the availability of test and diagnostic information, reduce space requirements and transcription costs, and ideally increase the number of patients served each day.Charged with protecting the health, safety, and wellbeing of Oregon citizens, the Oregon Medical Board shares in these goals.has become the standard of care, it is the responsibility of the Medical Board to ensure that the standard of care is met and to assist licensees wherever possible.EHR has the potential to improve health care quality and patient satisfaction.However, the Board also understands that the documentation can seem limitless, and the patient care provider, the most expensive and time stressed link in health care, may become subject to the role of data entry.

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Dino holds the charts of patients with pending studies on a special shelf in the file room, where they stay till the study comes back.

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