Male psychology dating the chase

Most women have the natural capability to love unconditionally (it’s our nurturing instinct), but men lack this ability.

Therefore to ensure BALANCE in a man and woman relationship, a man should love his woman more than he loves himself.

On the other hand – when I pursued a man consciously or unconsciously, it never worked out the same way.

A little background – I noticed in my own relationships; courtships where the man pursued me persistently in the beginning usually ended in long term relationships.

Even if this isn’t really true, it’s what he will assume. Generally if you do this, men will assume you’re not interested and stop chasing.

In order to get a man to chase you, you must adopt the correct mindset first. Whether you’re consciously aware of it or not, you’re always analyzing the amount of resources a man possess.

If your life is in shambles and you feel out of control, focusing on men may seem like a better distraction.

Women who do not understand this concept actually DEVALUE themselves in front of men. You know, you meet a great guy who’s smart, handsome, successful and have good family values.. When a man flips on that “chase” instinct for you, it instantly RAISES your perceived value.

When you devalue yourself, men do not pursue you because they don’t need to pursue you. Even if deep down, you don’t feel you’re that special or unique, he isn’t going to think that.

Human beings don’t like to be forced or pushed to do something. But when we think of confidence we often think of external confidence only. To trigger “Irresistible Confidence” we must switch from “ The reason women think this way is because we’re biologically programmed to desire men for their resources. A man with a lot of resources mean YOU could also have a lot of resources.

We must instead attract a man to want to chase us on his own free will. To have irresistible confidence is to exude confidence from the inside out. Resources (security) are important for our survival.

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