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It invites diners to: “Enter a secret Pangea-like world, free from phones, electric lights and even clothing (optional) and revisit the beginning where everything was fresh, free and unadulterated from the trappings of modern life.” As a necessary concession to modern life, gowns and lockers will be provided.

Pangea was the supercontinent that existed during the late Paleozoic and early Mesozoic eras, when the Earth’s land mass had yet to split into separate continents.

Dinner can be had for 60 pounds a head, served by “minimally clothed” waiting staff.

Tables are divided by bamboo screens, creating some semblance of privacy; food is served on handmade clay crockery; soup is blended with a machine generated by bicycle power.

As for grooming, I feel this is a matter best left to the imagination. After some furtive to-ing and fro-ing about The Bunyadi’s secret, south London location (only revealed once you have a ticket, and then you are sworn to secrecy), a kindly bouncer gives us the thumbs up and we slip into the sweaty under-gloom.

Over the past 13 years, he's turned the establishment into what he says is London's first vegan and vegetarian pub.

Choat and his daughter Hollie also revived traditional London pub singalongs and have striven to maintain what they call "the bohemian atmosphere so beloved by writers, journalists, actors and artists."It began with a naked calender, produced by Choat and his staff to help raise proceeds for their campaign to fight off an upcoming takeover by Fuller's -- a London brewery that's owned the pub since 2011 and doesn't plan to renew Choat's lease.

Fuller's wants to bring in its own management."We are going to be planning, in June, a nude night," he says.

He clearly does not hail from these parts, but will not tell me where he’s from, as he is “against nationalities.” Keen as he is to promote “naked, tasty food” and “taking people away from technology,” he appreciates that nudity is the aspect that will intrigue punters most. “People are objectified,” he explains, “stereotyped as sexual objects, women more than men.

We are told how we should look before we go to a beach, or to do this and that.

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