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To do so, you'll need to switch your desired build to be the new 'default' build.If you created new depots in the process of adding this new content, make sure you add that new depot to all store and key packages. Once you're ready to release your update on Steam, you'll want to tell customers and provide a place for focused feedback.This also demonstrates to customers that you are listening and working to address the issues that are being identified.Iterating and updating your product is essential, but your communication around the update can make a big difference.To get the most out of your update, you'll want to start by thinking about the goals you want to achieve.You probably want to be patching all the time to fix issues that players have brought up or that you’ve found while testing the game.This DOES NOT mean that your level designer should spend all day replying to questions on the Steam forum.It does mean, however, that reading feedback and being responsible for the community should be part of the dev team’s role, rather than delegated out to community managers or a separate PR team.

Check out the Steam Pipe Documentation for details.

All of these elements are feasible for any product, regardless of the genre or the team size.

We highly recommend that the same team designing and building the content is also directly exposed to the communication and feedback from customers.

We have found that for our own games it works best to release major updates every 1-2 months at most.

This let us put together a big enough update to be exciting and compelling, and allowed for time to tease or pre-announce those updates before they ship to build anticipation.

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See Managing Uploaded Builds above for a refresher on managing your build branches.

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