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Hell, even Cirque du Soleil is opening a sexual adults only show at the New York, New York hotel. Everyone knows that prostitution is legal OUTSIDE of Vegas (well, Clark County more specifically), and clearly strip bars are legal IN Vegas.But is there such a thing as a live sex show in or outside Vegas?If they are illegal, I'd be curious to find out why... They are not considered anything very special, are openly advertised everywhere along with all the other shows, and are attended by all sorts of people, including married couples. I think if anything, Vegas is trying to become MORE family oriented! I think Vegas would be very, very far down on my list of a place to take kids, but you see families there more and more. I was chatting with a very friendly lady in the bar in the Mandalay bay one morning at about 8AM.

" Sure, SF, Calif used to have some, I don't know, maybe they do today. WITHOUT turning this into a whole prostitution debate, it is my understanding that if I go to an undercover vice cop posing as a prostitute and offer her money in exchange for having sex on a stage with a guy (who may or may not be paid himself) that I would still be busted for soliciting.

I understand that somewhere in Las Vegas it is going on clandestinely and it must happen all the time or porno movies couldn't get made.

The question I had was whether such things can be advertised OPENLY in or around Vegas.

You can keep your eye on us from the comfort of your favorite armchair, thanks to the various webcams scattered around town.

From birds-eye views of the Strip and live coverage of Fremont Street to poolside people-watching, you never need to be without your daily dose of Sin City.

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