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What actions will the University undertake to commit to the values of diversity, equality, and inclusivity towards its LGBT staff?

In its official statement from 26 March, the University also states that we “place great value on diversity of opinion, open, respectful debate, recognition of difference, and the central role of constructive engagement and dialogue”. Dr Christin Hoene Chair of the LGBT Staff Network The University of Kent’s LGBT Staff Network is deeply concerned about the University’s hosting of the 2020 Lambeth Bishop’s Conference.

All meetings will be video linked to the Medway campus, room M1-16 Medway Informal Network lunches for 2019/20: Monthly lunches will take place from 12noon-2pm at No1 Bistro (apart from months where there are formal network meetings planned).

People can bring their own lunches or get food from the venue, or just join in for a cuppa. These lunches are meant as informal social get-togethers.

The Staff Network calls on the University to reconsider its decision to host Lambeth 2020 and to prioritise its commitment to LGBT students and staff alike on issues of equality, diversity, and inclusivity.

Should the University of Kent maintain its decision to host, the Staff Network calls on the University to withdraw its facilities and support for the discriminatory “spouses programme”. The University cannot uphold its commitment to values of equality, diversity, and inclusivity while allowing the discriminatory stream of the Lambeth Conference to go ahead.

Sharing positive stories gives us hope and allows us to imagine happy endings for ourselves and for our loved ones. Because to imagine a better life is an important step towards creating a better life.As Dr Adriaan van Klinken from the University of Leeds outlines, they could do so without facing any ‘consequences’ for their role in the Anglican Communion.Lambeth 2020 will take place over 11 days, from 23 July to 2 August 2020, and many of the events will be on campus.Network members are deeply disappointed and hurt by the University’s decision to host the Lambeth Bishop’s Conference 2020 despite the Church’s decision to exclude same-sex spouses (see statement from 25 April 2019).The University should have cancelled hosting the Conference, because specifically excluding same-sex spouses is homophobic from the side of the church, and hosting the event on University premises facilitates this act of institutional homophobia.

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was embraced as a symbol by the LGBT community after a 2016 Netflix glitch saw the film accidentally placed in the LGBT section.

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