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Kim and Graham both share serious concerns over Joe Tate's recent behaviour, which has seen him prioritise his fiancée Debbie Dingle above everything else.

However, as the tense storyline unfolds, it's clearly Kim who's calling the shots when she warns Graham that it's time to get rid of Joe once and for all.

Cheryl was apparently used to seeing Graham drunk and got in the car anyway but he lost control of the vehicle and crashed.

The smash killed Cheryl and their unborn child instantly.

The drug dealer was terrorising Ross as he tried to hunt down acid throwing Simon Mc Manus but was cornered by Graham who told him they were going to have a conversation.

One night Graham set his lodge on fire while he was drunk.

It was Joe who saved him by pulling him from the flames.

During this time he met a woman called Cheryl who he got pregnant.

He confessed to Debbie that he didn’t love Cheryl but married her to do the right thing.

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