Funny dating taglines

Pointing out things that are positive but not in any way unique will get you nowhere.

Here are some other examples of things that women will be SUPER GLAD YOU HAVE (because not having them could cause some issues), but that you don’t need to share in your Tinder tagline: A lot of girls jokingly say they’re looking for a guy that can open jars and kill spiders, which is fun and cute, but it gets used too often.

Do you notice how the author is relaying what he’s good at?

It’s just a compelling list of a guy’s personality traits and interests.

He’s a vegan, a Scorpio, a world traveler and an expert pillow fort architect (my favorite).

He also made it clever and showed he didn’t take himself too seriously.

This is great, too, because if a woman does not have any interest in having kids or doesn’t want to date someone with kids, she’ll see this up front and swipe left.

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