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My friend Sophie, 46, who runs her own design company and is a single mother to two boys aged nine and 11, agrees.

She has been single for six years, since her husband left her for another woman.

It encompasses several domains, including learning theory, computer-based training, online learning, and, where mobile technologies are used, m-learning.

Accordingly, there are several discrete aspects to describing the intellectual and technical development of educational technology: An educational technologist is someone who is trained in the field of educational technology.

In the past three years of being single, I have been on a handful of dates.

Once she got over the shock of how few clothes I have, she immediately sussed that I 'compartmentalise' my wardrobe.

In practice, a "virtual education course" refers to any instructional course in which all, or at least a significant portion, is delivered by the Internet."Virtual" is used in that broader way to describe a course that is not taught in a classroom face-to-face but through a substitute mode that can conceptually be associated "virtually" with classroom teaching, which means that people do not have to go to the physical classroom to learn.

Blonde, attractive and kind, she hasn't been on a date since he walked out.'I have absolutely no idea how to be a woman any more,' she says.

We're unable to sustain meaningful unions, apparently, because men are intimidated by our intellect, threatened by our higher earning potential and turned off by our controlling, capable, yet powerful personalities.

While this has been my personal experience - I was left by the father of my daughter (now nearly five) three years ago when I was the higher earner - I think that the issue goes far deeper.

The problem, I believe, is not so much with career women , but that women are increasingly out of balance with themselves and, therefore, with men.

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I live in jeans and shirts to write and do the school run, wear nicer tops to work meetings and have a couple of dresses for going out.'This has nothing to do with showing cleavage, for example, as there is nothing less sexy than enforced femininity.

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