Does the sedating effect of avanza pass

But coming off throws my body around heaps, ill probably die young haha. Stillnox has the same addictive properties as benzodiazepines and should be treated with equal care.

Worse the last two times when I've been sick, but I don't think I want to turn to sleeping pills yet. If it gets really bad I take promethazine (phenargen), however it takes ages to kick in so I have to take it at around 6pm (for 10pm sleep) and then it won't wear off until around 9am the next day which is pretty lousy. I've used Stilnox successfully but would prefer a natural remedy which doesn't cost for a box of 7 pills =) Will report back later. For drug-based alternatives, there are also temazepam/oxazepam (usually used), diazepam (faster onset), mogadon/rohypnol (if nothing else works), melatonin (natural hormone supplement, the 2mg dose being safe and tiny, the 5mg option only being available from compounding pharmacies) being an additive to your body's normal production, None of these fix the underlying problem, so I'd see your doctor and ask for a referral a sleep psychologist for some CBT. Try 1 tablet at first, then try half a tablet to see if it is still effective.

I think you delay bed by one hour each night and get up at the same time, and then you eventually spend one entire night awake and then the final night you pick your new bedtime and stick to it.

I don't think it would have worked for me, but might work for you.

Pretty sure it must be something biological or body clock related.

Xanax is good for sleeping but really only short term band-aid similar to valium.I did have to get it checked with my GP if I could take both though given they can be used for the same thing as I didn't want to overdose if you know what I mean.As with any OTC medications or suppliments, double check with your GP or pharmicist to make sure they don't interract with any other medications you might be taking :) I was the same as you OP, even apparently as a baby and shocking as a child.I made some positive changes to my lifestyle (got a new job, lost some weight), and now I sleep like a baby. I'd rather take something natural than something cooked up in a laboratory, if it works. Some people died from it in the EU and Australia banned it.If you insist on drugs to help, I found the best was actually (believe it or not) mersyndol. My problem is I get to sleep, but wake about 3am, by then it is too late to take one unless I want to sleep all day. I'm typing from experience not just fluffing advice. I'll try it next time I cant get to sleep even with Mulungu. If Mulugnu has been around for this long and not banned, it cant be worse than chemical compounded drugs.

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