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Data in the hard disk or flash drive must be the thing that you care the most about, right?

In such situation, you are definitely eager to recover 0 bytes files. This becomes the most troublesome issue since ordinary users often don't have such experience or don't have relevant knowledge to help them get through the problem. I'd like to introduce the best free file recovery software – Mini Tool Power Data Recovery – to you and then walk you through the detailed steps to restore 0 byte files in Windows.

But I bet that you will perceive when the size of a hard disk partition, a USB drive or a file becomes 0 bytes.

What are you gonna do when the hard disk is showing 0 bytes or flash disk shows 0 bytes?

Join Matt as always is the young and beautiful Jessie Graham, the talented and funny James Rodney and our guest panelist from Gossip, celebrity expert, Whitney Tulio.

In general, people don't pay much attention to the size of files or folders unless they notice that or receive a message saying that there is not enough free space.

That is to say, you actually don't know exactly the size of a file under normal conditions.

She can no longer boot her machine using this hard drive. Is there a software application capable of doing this, or is there a way I can repair/restore his boot sector (which I assume is corrupt)?

I took the hard drive from her e Machine (running Win 2K) and hooked it up to mine (running Win 2K) as a slave. The user said that the hard drive of his friend has been attacked by a virus, so his friend is not able to boot the computer with the drive.

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