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The remarrying widows in the early and mid-Victorian era wore a pearl, lavender or satin gown trimmed with ostrich feathers.

One difference was that she had no bridesmaid, no veil, and no orange blossoms.

By 1898, the bridesmaid had to wear a dress in contrast to the bride’s dress, and this is still practiced.

Children’s costumes in weddings: Children formed an integral part of the weddings.

The wedding day was considered to be the most important day in the life of a Victorian girl.

The girls were taught from the early age to marry and to take care of the family.

It was believed that the goddess would bring prosperity and joy to the couples marrying in June.

The father of the bride dressed like the groom and the groomsmen and according to the time of the day for the marriage ceremony.If the wedding was at home, then no veil was required.By the mid years of the era, white was out of fashion but was worn in amalgamation with other colors.This was an important factor to consider since that would give her plenty of time to relax before the fall harvest.The Victorian brides were superstitious about the wedding day. In the 16th and 17th century, the teenage brides wore pale green dresses which were a sign of fertility.

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